Nothing can be more perfect than a wedding by the beach in a love month. Yes! We organized a rustic wedding last February 7 for now we can call Mr. & Mrs. Velete.

After months of preparation we have come to that night, that special moment night of over flowing love feels and party and I must say it was perfect. Definitely one of my favourite event so far. It just frustrated me that I didn’t had a chance to take pictures of the church but I will fill you with reception photos.

From the antrance area you would already feel the vibe with this wooden crate with chips on it that has curved names of the guests. How fetch is that?

 They say, “ain’t no beach without a sunset picture”. While the guests were waiting for the newly wed they had a chance to play frisbee and volleyball in this blazing sunset.So…This is how the set-up goes. We tried to make it look chill but rustic at the same time.

  One of my favourite part in this event was decorating the photo booth area. Putting those hanging mason jars and lighting them up was really fun to do.

It made me want to do more of this kind of event not only I enjoyed the amount of pressure putting it all together but because I know that it will always be something special.  


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