Time to leave you Dubai


I couldn’t quite figure out until now after a year and a half of living here in Dubai, why on earth? Did I come here in the first place?

I remember having a plan. A vision of myself in a next few years to come. But then, where is it now?

I am going home. I feel like it is time.

I know for a fact that I will never make it here, atleast not the way I wanted to. Sure I have loved the life that I make, the memories, lessons and all the amazing places and shared culture of UAE that i’ve seen and witnessed, not to mention all the wonderful people that I met. What a journey and truly an upbringing place…But sadly not for everyone and definitely not for me.

I was too ambitious obviously. But is that too much to think of? Dubai is such a rich country, in culture, tradition and for rich people. There I said it. To be honest, I can work here in the next 10 years but it will all be the same for me. The lifestyle to live and enjoy Dubai is way too expensive. You make money here you spend it double in here, I guess that’s how it goes and that is how it will always be.

I can just imagine after 2020 what it will be like, with all these buildings and constructions, Dubai will be the next big thing, but then, what’s  next after that?

Time to leave Dubai, go home to my own country, where we don’t discriminate base on gender and nationality. Where your worth matters, the things you’ve done without being judged by your resume picture. Third world class country full of love and kindness to anyone, local or tourist.

I failed, and needs to be reminded that it is okay. So, I am going home.

I love you Dubai, with all my heart.




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