Who’s Little Miss Special Events?

Hello there!

You are probably wondering why Little Miss Special Events?

Well…the fact that I work in an events company will say it all but most probably because I fee like our whole life, MY life is full of unexpected events that are worth sharing. Events happen in the most unexpected way and I want to document that for you. Share it. Make stories out of it and live for it.

Two of my most favourite things in life are photography and writing. I have always been fascinated with the idea of pictures and on how it captures the moment. I think it was one of my many reason why I took up Mass Communication. I fell in love so easily that I could not let it go even if I am working in a different path. Of course, writing used to be for fun only until I realized that why not share what I have in mind for those people who might be interested in these same things as I am.

I’m no professional or anything like that. I just wanted to write what I feel, what this crazy mind is thinking. You should know that I am sharing a part of my life to you, and it’s personal to me. You may or may not like what I write, but that is fine, it’ all for the words that matter.

I am sure you’re somewhere in this world reading this and I wanna thank you for giving me this opportunity. I hope I didn’t waste it.

My name is Heidi and most of the time I don’t know what I am doing.


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