Caramoan: A place worth falling in-love with

About a month ago when I had one of the best travel experience of my life when my friends and I took a three days and 2 nights vacation in Camaoan. While I said it’s a place worth falling in-love with. Truth is… It definitely is and you should book your flight tickets now to Naga and visit this paradise.

I started obsessing about Caramoan when I was in fourth year college and I never stopped even after graduation. I even told myself I’m gonna visit this place someday. Then, here we are and it’s more than I have ever dreamed of. To be honest, I think this could be my happy place.

For those of you who don’t know. Caramoan is where Survivor Series are filming. Some of the best Islands where closed due to the filming but that did not stop us nor the cloudy days to explore and see what this peaceful place has to offer. 

It felt like being in two places at once. Taste of Batanes and a view of Palawan.

Tip 1: I know people say the best time to visit is during April-May. But I’d say, June works out the best because there’s not a lot of tourist and the weather is just right. 

Tip 2: Do this when you’re doing the Island hopping. Sit at the end of the boat with your friends/family. Just chill. Admire your view and forget about the pictures. See the beautiful place that’s just right in front of you. (You can even sing with your friends/family. Imagine you are floating in the water with nothing but great views and good times with your loved ones). You can thank me later ūüėČ

A big thanks to Tugawe Cove Resort for accomodating us througout our stay. I’m coming back in the summer that’s for sure. 

All the love,

Lmse ūüíĖ


Okay lang, mahal ko yung sarili ko.

Sabi nila matapang daw ako. Sabi nila ang lakas daw ng loob ko. Sabi nila bilib daw sila sakin. Hindi. Mahal ko lang yung sarili ko.

It’s been five months now since I moved here in Dubai. Can’t beleive how time flies so fast like this, the last thing I remember I was at the airport hallway, carrying a yellow envelope on my right hand, green  suitcase on the other; waving goodbye to my beloved Dad. Looking back now, five months? Not even enough for people to say how brave I am. But I appreciate it, the thing is. I’m not. I’ve been back and forth for so many times, torn between Yes I wanted this and No this is not really want I want. Most heartbreaking part is, I accepted it in the end. Because you know what? I love myself like that.

Many would disagree but all I can say is. Kapag mahal mo yung sarili mo, alam mo kung anong makakapag pasaya sayo. Kung mahal mo yung sarili mo, hindi ka mag da-doubt sa sarili mo na kaya mo. Kung mahal mo yung sarili mo, kahit ilang beses kang nagpabalik-balik sa decision mo, alam mo pa rin yung deserve mo.

Hindi naman mahirap gawin. Kailangan mo lang tanggapin na may mga bagay na hindi mo kayang gawin, at may mga bagay na ikaw lang ang may kaya. Lalo na ang tanggapin mo na may oras lahat ng bagay. Kung para sayo, para sayo. Hindi ibig sabihin na hindi para sayo hindi mo deserve. Ibig sabihin lang may mas deserving ka. Saang aspeto ba? Sa work man yan, kaibigan or love life. Minsan kasi tayo pag hindi natin nakukuha yung isang bagay feeling natin pinagkakait na. Baka naman kasi dapat paghirapan lang bago mapasayo.

Okay lang. Basta alam mo sa sarili mo, tulad ng sinabi ko kanina. Alam mo yung deserve mo.

Eto simplehan lang natin, mga bagay na dapat mo sigurong marealize, okay lang mag disagree ka: As long as nagpapakatotoo ka 

1. Accept yourself. Una sa lahat, tanggapin mo muna yung sarili mo. Bago ang lahat, ikaw yan. Yan ka na. Isa pa, wala ng iba. Ilang beses pa ba dapat ulitin na kung ano mang pagkululang ang meron ka, tanggapin mo kasi that makes you YOU.

2. Don’t depend your happiness on others. Isang pagkakamali yung sinasabi nila na “Ikaw lang makakapag pasaya sakin.Kalokohan. Nakakapag laro ka nga ng barbie mag isa noon masaya ka naman di ba? Nakuha mo pang mag bahay-bahayan kahit may nagpapanggap lang na tatay di ba? Bakit nung tumanda ka kinalimutan mo na nagawa mong mapasaya yung sarili mo kahit mag isa ka? Bakit all of a sudden yung pagiging masaya mo depende na sa iba? Point is, kaya mo naman. Baka kasi ayaw mo lang.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Baka masyado mong pine-pressure yung sarili mo sa expectations ng iba. Wag. Wag mong hayaan na malamangan ka ng “disappointing ka” sa “masaya kami para sayo”. 

4. Give yourself a break. Okay lang minsan mag breakdown ka. Umiyak ka. Magpaka subsub ka sa sakit. Mag lupasay ka. Okay lang. May mga moments talaga na gusto mo lonely lang yung feeling mo the whole day, or kung minsan trip mo lang mag paka-sad sa buhay. Naiintindihan kita. Pero, again, deserve mo yung happiness. Breath ka lang. Maybe these are bad days but remember this is not a bad life.

5. Believe in yourself. Yes. Wala ng iba. Wala ng ibang tutulong sayo kundi ikaw. Sa totoong buhay, ikaw at ikaw lang talaga ang makakatulong sa sarili mo. Paniwalaan mo yung kakayanan mo, tanggapin mo yung kahinaan mo. Work hard sa mga bagay na gusto mo talaga, pag gusto may paraan. Pag binigay mo yung puso mo sa isang bagay make sure na kaya mo yung bigat. Sa totoo lang wala ng mas sasarap sa feeling na sobrang hirap pero nagawa mo, kasi nag tiwala ka sa sarili mo. Iba yon. Yun yung hindi matutumbasan ng kahit na ano. Yung nasa baba ka na, down na down na. Pero alam mo sarili mo na kaya mo at magagawa mo.

Hindi ko alam, kasi hindi naman lahat tayo parehas ng situation. Para sakin lang ha baka there’s someone somewhere who’s going  through the same thing that I did. 

Hoping at some point, it might help. I know some of my friends will. I’m here for you, no matter how big a situtaion is; life must go on and trust that everything will fall into places one day. 

Share your thoughts. I’d be happy to know what you think.

All the love that I could give,

Lmse ūüíĖ

Hilltop View Weekend Getaway Experience

We might not have a beach in Nueva Ecija but we have this Hilltop View.

It’s no secret in my social media accounts that I am no longer employed and not working with any events. So, basically I have been spending most of my time lately at home or at the gym.

Concerned about the fact that I have not been doing anything extremely ridiculously exciting lately. I decided to organize a vacation with my friends.

Problem is, we don’t know where to go. My friends and I had been planning a summer outing for like ‘I lost count already’, and ¬†it was always a total fail. There goes an endless ‘I can’t come reason’. Suddenly I got tired of it and realized that if I make a reservation or something they would wanna come.

I just need to think of low budget place yet beautiful, not so far yet not so near, not overrated definitely, a place exclusively just for us with a breath taking view. A place that is convenient in short. Now you might probably think where in Nueva Ecija could I find that place. Well, believe me, it’s just around the corner.

Thank God, and shout out to Biyaheng Nueva Ecija for introducing us to Hilltop View Private Resort in Palayan City. As soon as I saw the post I immediately tagged my friends (like what normal people do these days) to see the place. The next thing I know I was looking at this view.

I must say that the place looks really nice and quiet ¬†so perfect if you want to get away from the mad world of city life. Here you can relax and think of nothing but fresh air while you’re sitting in a hammock under the trees looking at the mountains, admiring life at its finest.

We really enjoyed our stay here at Hilltop View, it’s like for the first time in a very long time we forgot out worries, jobs and just had fun like we used to. We’re so glad we made this trip and we are definitely coming back.

For those of you who might ask, how we reserved the place. I found their facebook page and sent them a reservation request immediately, I got a positive response within the day. (I’ll leave all their contact information below)

They have two rooms good for 15 people. Their daily rate is 2800 and 3800 for an overnight stay.

The place will be exclusive for you, an access to their kitchen (they allow cooking), jacuzzi and the best part is they have a cafe-bar inside and of course an over-looking view. (How fetch is that?)

How to get here is easy. You have two options, either you take an ordinary bus or jeep with signages Bongabon/Kapitolyo, fare from Cabanatuan terminal is P25.00.Your dropping ¬†point ¬†is at B.T Torres Street, Brgy. Sapang Buho, Palayan City (there’s a gym across the street). From the street of B.T Torres there are tricycle that will take you to the resort, the fare is 15.00 pesos per person.

Personally, I think the place is great. The idea is you’ll come to a place where you can be silent for a while and have privacy. It’s not fancy but it’s peaceful and that’s something worth paying for.

Thank you for reading. Share it and let’s all help promote Nueva Ecija and its attractions. Comment your thoughts and I’d be happy to read it. CIAO!

All the love,


Paradores del Castillo – Experience 19th-century Bed & Breakfast Club

Do you ever wonder what it feels like living in the past? You know, before iPhone? Do you ever think of how your day would go without thinking how many likes you’ll get on your facebook posts? Or that time when  you can just have a morning and live?

Start your morning fresh & fulfilled. You won’t need a singing bird for this, only a satisfying breakfast will do. As we packed our things before heading back to Manila after our destination wedding in Basilica of St. Martin de Tours (Biggest Basilica in Asia) we decided to grab a quick breakfast at Paradores del Castillo. 

Another great taste from the past. Paradores is an ancient history inspired hotel & restaurant in Taal, Batangas. Where you can experience the very best breakfast in your life right now. No kidding. 

Great view that comes with great food. What more can you ask for? They have this amazing Tapa that you would die for (Too bad for me I don’t have a picture) and a lot more in their American and local menu. Most food on their local menu are provinces specialty like (Pampangas’s best Tocino). If you’re visiting Bantagas, it’s your one reason why you should stop and have a breakfast in this place.

By the way, Paradores is also considered the place to stay in for those who are getting married in the Basilica of St. Martin. It is only five minutes away from the church. So if you want a  full blast experience they have seven rooms to offer, prices ranges from P2500-4000 pesos per night. 

Other fun activities that you could include on your itenerary while you’re in Taal is to visit the famous Basilica, get lost while wandering the old houses around, and you could stop by at the view of Taal Lake.
Tip: Talk & communicate to the local people. They’re very nice and friendly. 

Paradores del Castillo, a place  in time is located at: #28 Calle Dr. H. Del Castillo, Brgy. Zone 14, Taal, Batangas.

For those of you who want to reserve a room in advance you can call at:

0917-500-6041 / (043) 740-4060

Thank you for taking time to read this guys. If you like it please give it a thumbs up and comment below.


LMSP ūüėė

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Instagram Feed Must have this Summer

One of the many perks of my previous job as an Assistant Event Organizer was the chance to travel and see different places. It was like a free ticket to all the travel goals while the company is paying your expenses. Don’t get me wrong, the idea seems so good that you might want to consider getting a job like that but to tell you honestly, there’s a lot of hard work in ¬†there… (But who to blame we love our job !) Most of the time we don’t to get explore the places, we see, we look but that’s all,¬†it is such a rare opportunity to have moments like where we could go swimming and use the venue amenities, or have time to go on free Spa. So when we do, we make the most out of it and luckily during our stay for the preparation for an event we got the chance to feel a little staycation at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

In our three days stay in Las Casas, I managed to explore the place a little bit, learned its history and how it became one of the best tourists attraction in North Luzon.

It is no secret that the beauty of this place captures not only the eyes of the Filipinos for its historic concept but to the foreigners as well. It would be overrated to describe it as beautiful knowing it was more than that. It was captivating. I was blown away by the idea of the owner on how he started building it. New San Jose Builders Inc., founder Mr. Jose Acuzar had this idea. The houses and buildings are all just replica of some of the famous landmarks, buildings & houses in our Philippine history. What really amazed me is the fact that he only started it as a hobby. Later on, it was discovered by his friend who worked in a  Filipino TV series Zoro (a Filipino superhero). The series filmed most of its scenes in Las Casas and that is when it started to get noticed. After that Mr. Acuzar decided to open the place to public giving this opportunity to Filipino people to get to know Philippine history even more.

Las Casas is located at Bagac, Bataan. It took us three hours drive to get there from Manila via SCTEX route.

If you need comfort from the 18th century or atleast relive the past I suggest you stay in this place for a night and try all the different things they could offer. A comfortable hotel accommodations, a lot of Filipino food, traditional games, a private beach and pool which by the way is best while watching the sunset, plus you could also watch cultural show at night.

If you are on a budget and you  want a day time tour that could also  work. They charge 600 pesos per head for entrance fee without a tour guide and 1200 pesos with tour guide and welcome treat snacks, drinks and a cold towel.

I suggest you wear a comfortable but fashionable outfit (wink) if you’re already ¬† planning to visit the place, bring sunglasses and an umbrella because you will do a lot of walking. I tell you and I swear this place is what your Instagram feed ¬†needs right now.

Now I would like to share with you some photos I took during our stay.

Visit Las Casa Filipinas de Acuzar website for more info.

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Oslob, Cebu: 5 Tourist Attractions of Oslob

I’m definitely going to see you again Cebu!

Biyaherong Barat

Oslob instantaneously gained worldwide popularity in the tourism industry, thanks to the gigantic migratory fish that put the fishing town on the limelight. But even before these magnificent creatures came to the shores of southern Cebu, Oslob teems with attractions not to be left out in your itinerary. We checked out some Spanish-era structures, a majestic falls, and of course, swam with whale sharks to make the most out of this day-visit to Oslob.

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Stilts Beach Resort in Batangas 

I have been dragging myself these past few months to go on a summer escapade because I feel like the summer just passed by on me (Hello rainy reason! I don’t want you yet). It’s really frustrating on my part because I have been working all these time. You know those scenarios you made on your mind on how you’re gonna spend your summer time? Camping, Hiking, Endless party at the beach, Sunset and tan lines. Well, they’re gone the moment you step into a fake adulthood life. 

This is the only getaway I had this summer so I had to make sure it was going to be fun and surprisingly it was. 

Stilts Beach Resort is located at Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batagas. Many tourists have been visiting this place for it’s scenematic view and peaceful vibe. It’s a private resort with pool and pavilion. Though, a little bit pricy the experience is really worth it.


 What made this resort really different and special is that it was built like a Maldives style house. No need to fly hundred miles to Maldives you can have what you want in here.  Connecting bridge and floating in the water how can you not love that? For those who are planning a beach wedding it could be a perfect location.   
The resort have also different activities for everyone. You can try pinoy games and racing, snorkeling, boating , and also a  lot of team building activities.

What I really like about this place are the scattered quotes and sayings. They are everywhere, it’s like reminding you how good your life is no matter what.

It was a good experience being here and I am so thankful to witnessed its beauty. I’m not declaring that summer is over but for now I’ll go back to being little miss special events. Thank you GVE for a  stress free day.  


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The perfect Band for your Party!

It’s been a long time since the last time I updated this blog and heyyy it feels good to be back!!! So as a comeback story, I thought why not share with you guys some of the bands I’ve seen during our various events and thought it might help you decide if you are looking for a band for your party. So if you are having a hard time thinking if you should get One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer or Maroon 5, I’m telling you — don’t. Haha not that they’re not good or anything (Trust me I will if I can!!! *insert screaming emojis* but you can have the perfect band for your party in the¬†cheapest, most affordable cost, same energy and total 100% amount of fun as much you want.

For those ladies who will celebrate their 18th birthday or any birthdays I suggest “The Juan Band“. The band is consisted of five cuties (Carl Guevarra, Japs Mendoza, Jiad Arroyo, Jason De Mesa & Daniel Grospe). They¬†have been doing covers of Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud; Sheppard – Geronimo; Maroon 5 – She Will be Loved & Sunday Morning. We had them during Ria’s 18th birthday and I tell you what, ¬†they were totally legit. This band is under Viva Records so no need for me to explain the credibility.

If you are having an intimate party then I guess Jensen and The Flips is what you need they could be perfect for your wedding. They had a single called “Love Child” which I think would be good¬†for a beach wedding. Go check them out, I promise you’ll be surprised.

Wanna bring on some girl power on your party? Throw it like a pro with Baihana’s trio, these¬†ladies can bring the Jazz style into another level. They create¬†and arrange songs that are uniquely refreshing especially to the Filipino audience. Did I mention incredibly different? Think I did. ūüôā

Another girl band on my list go check out The Silk band. They have been singing 80’s fast, 2000’s current fast, Current Slow-Mid & A lot of foreign songs as well as OPM.

For Corporate events I highly suggest Fat Session¬†I can’t have a word of how good they are, but I’m really sure that you won’t regret getting¬†them.

There you go guys! Go plan that big party and¬†I hope these bands can fix it. Don’t forget to leave your comments below and give this a thumbs up if you like it. ūüôā



Have you ever tried to look back in your life and realized that you are living it painfully ordinary? It is one of my biggest fear. I don’t want that. I dont want that to anyone. I don’t want to see myself 40 or 50 years from now full of regrets. Wishing I could just go back in time and repeat all the things that I’ve missed, all my do’s and don’ts.  I don’t think I could ever handle that. So as much as I can, as long as there are possibilities I really tried to to put myself up there even if how stupid and embarrassing I look because for me, that’s the fun part. 

I am not encouring young people to do stupid things just to prove this to themselves. All I am saying is, it is okay to have fun to live your life, to make the best out of it, to create memories that you can treasure for as long as you can. These are precious and can’t be bought. You have a flexible life, you can do anything that you want for as long as you go for it. Life is amazing you don’t want to waste it doing nothing. 

Say you have school works to do, a deadline that has to be submitted but it does not mean you don’t have time for yourslef. Trust me you have a lot of time, a lot a lot actually, you just don’t know what to do with it so sometimes you ended up doing nothing and the next thing you know it passed by as quick as a raindrop. Your time does not have to be in a black and white party (I put them only to have pictures) it could be anything with friends or family. 

Just try to put a life that is worth remembering. Imagine when you turn 80 and you wanted to think about your pass life, atleast then you won’t see it in white or black.


Nothing can be more perfect than a wedding by the beach in a love month. Yes! We organized a rustic wedding last February 7 for now we can call Mr. & Mrs. Velete.

After months of preparation we have come to that night, that special moment night of over flowing love feels and party and I must say it was perfect. Definitely one of my favourite event so far. It just frustrated me that I didn’t had a chance to take pictures of the church but I will fill you with reception photos.

From the antrance area you would already feel the vibe with this wooden crate with chips on it that has curved names of the guests. How fetch is that?

¬†They say, “ain’t no beach without a sunset picture”. While the guests were waiting for the newly wed they had a chance to play frisbee and volleyball in this blazing sunset.So…This is how the set-up goes. We tried to make it look chill but rustic at the same time.

  One of my favourite part in this event was decorating the photo booth area. Putting those hanging mason jars and lighting them up was really fun to do.

It made me want to do more of this kind of event not only I enjoyed the amount of pressure putting it all together but because I know that it will always be something special.